Main Accessories

Additional equipment for standard systems

5-fold status light
Status light to monitor current process status

With the status light the cleaning system's status can be monitored from distance e.g. in large
production halls.

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Electronic rotor run control
Electronic monitoring of rotors functioning

As a visual monitoring of the rotors is not possible with closed operating AQUBE® and PSE systems, the rotor run control option checks the functioning of the rotors electronically.

more about Electronic rotor run control

Upper / middle drawer basket
VA washing drawer unit with basket and rotor

VA stainless steel drawer unit with ASYNCHRO® TopDown-double rotor with PUSHFORCE® nozzles to increase the loading / cleaning capacity of horizontally cleaning systems.

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kolb is an official partner of the first Technical Cleanliness Conference organized by the ZVEI Academy.

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Great interest of the 130 participants in the topics cleaning and cleanliness analysis

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kolb keeps on strengthening its presence in Asia.

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The new AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN and PSE 300 2VL were the attractions of the very well-attended fair booth.

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