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PowerSpray® Technology

PowerSpray® identifies cleaning systems which work with the intelligent pressure-spray-in-air technology developed by kolb or detergents which are suitable for this technology.

AirFlow® Technology

AirFlow® identifies systems which work with the turbulence air in immersion cleaning process developed by kolb or detergents which are suitable for this technology.

UltraSonic Technology

UltraSonic identifies kolb cleaning systems with ultrasonic technology or kolb detergents and detergent additives which are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning systems.

FlipsideClean Application

FlipsideClean identifies detergents and detergent additives which are suitable and certified for stencil underside cleaning in screen printers.

Manual Application

ManualApp identifies products which are suitable and intended for manual application.

PolyPower® Technology

PolyPower® identifies kolb PowerSpray® systems equipped with an advanced pump-nozzles configuration, leading to up to 30% less cleaning time.

PulseFlow® Technology

PulseFlow® technology identifies the pulsing cleaning process developed by kolb to clean and rinse shadowed components, hard-to-reach spots and low standoffs and also optimize rinsing and minimize foaming.

VMH® Technology

VMH®Drying identifies kolb systems with a patented venturi principle based hot air power drying technology which is extremely effective and distinctively economic.

CWA® Technology

CWA®Drying identifies kolb cleaning systems with the patented and energetically as constructively highly efficient combined drying process of compressed air (blowing off the residual moisture) and warm air (evaporative drying).

ClosedLoop Technology

ClosedLoop identifies kolb cleaning systems with an internal circuit for the reprocessing of cleaning fluid and rinse water.

CrossLoop Technology

CrossLoop identifies kolb water treatment systems that reprocess the rinse water of batch systems (with or without internal reprocessing circuit) for fresh re-use.

Traceability Application

Traceability identifies machines which can be equipped with a traceability system allowing continuous and complete tracking and identification of the products to be cleaned.


DNAccess® identifies all kolb cleaning systems offering intelligent network connectivity for implementation in industry 4.0 smart factories (remote control, remote monitoring, mailing, remote maintenance assistance etc.)

QuickChange Application

QuickChange identifies kolb systems which are compatible to a kolb QuickChange unit which allows to completely exchange fully loaded cleaning baskets reducing the downtime of a machine to only 1 - 2 minutes. 

Solar Industry certified Product

SolarCert indentifies kolb cleaning systems which are qualfied for solar cell production.

Additive Product

Additive identifies products which can be added to kolb cleaning products to extend or refine their performance.

Analysis Product

Analysis identifies products or procedures which are suitable for the analysis and verification of cleaning agents or cleaning processes.

Defoaming Product

DeFoaming identifies detergent additives which destroy foam bubbles and eliminate undesired detergent foaming in the cleaning system.

Rinse suitable Product

RinseSuitable identifies detergents, which are also qualified to be used for the rinsing process. These products are pH-neutral and have an excellent drying behavior.

Service Product

Service identifies liquids, equipment or procedures which are suitable for maintenance of kolb detergents or cleaning systems.

TernarySequence® Technology

TernarySequence® identifies the triple stage detergent technology developed by kolb. TS-powered detergents can be entirely regenerated using very simple filtration.

TS+ longlife Buffering

TS+ labeled cleaners have a high-volume longlife pH buffering, about twice as high as comparable products on the market. TS+ cleaners need to be changed less frequently and thus save considerable costs and protect the environment.

Single Phase Product

SinglePhase identifies homogeneous (single-phase) detergents that do not need to be mixed before use and work immediately with full cleaning effect, thus reducing process times and enabling cost-saving systems technology.

Water free Product

WaterFree identifies anhydrous kolb detergents as well kolb cleaning systems which operate in a closed cycle without water (connection), only with a communicating cleaning / rinsing detergent.

Low conductive Product

LowConduct identifies detergents that contain very little conductive material, preventing cleaner-related conductivity (ionic contamination) from being transferred into rinsing processes. These cleaners thus significantly save water and energy.

Low Temperature Product

LowTemp identifies detergents reaching their full efficiency range already at 20-45 °C and thus the viscosity to clean low standoffs, making the process more stable, extend the cleaners service life, save energy and protect machines and materials.

ESD safe Product

ESDSafe identifies products which have due to their special material or ingredient composition no influence on the electrical resistance and cause no significant static charge.

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