Abbildung des Produkts: WetWipes SA120
WetWipes SA120

WetWipes SA120
SMD cleaning tissues

WetWipes SA120 are ready to use tissues, soaked with the special aqueous and pH-neutral detergent WipeEx SA120 for the manual cleaning of SMD-tools such as scrapers, squeegees, etc.

WetWipes SA120 are available in a 150 pieces containing tissue dispenser pail, ESD safe packed in a 100 pieces containing tin can, ESD safe packed in a 100 pieces containing refill pouch.

WetWipes SA120 are not suitable for the cleaning of hardened adhesive.

Manual cleaning
Stencil underside cleaning
ESD safe Product

Technical data

Phases Single Phase
pH Value at 20 °C 7.9 (neutral)
Conductance at 20 °C > 100 µS/cm
Application temperature 20 °C - 45 °C
Flashpoint 88 °C
Water free
VOC content < 20%


Product Information
WetWipes SA120
455 KB
Product Information
WetWipes SA120 ESD
456 KB

WetWipes SA120
Compliance certificates


Application overview

Stencils, ScreensMisprints (bare boards)
Stencils, Screens
Misprints (bare boards)
most suitable

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