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Why is low conductivity more efficient?
Low conductive detergents provide more stable, more efficient and more water-conserving cleaning processes.

Modern detergents and additives which are guaranteed to be low conductive provide not only a thorough cleaning result at low temperatures but also qulitatively better and more efficient cleaning processes as far as machine wear and operating costs are concerned. Such cleaners contain very little conductive material. This prevents cleaner-related conductivity (ionic contamination) from being transferred into rinsing processes.

These cleaners, unlike traditional cleaners with high conductivity, can be rinsed very efficiently with city water at room temperature before the final rinse with DI water, saving valuable water resources and energy for tempering the rinse media.

For these reasons, one should always pay attention to the conductance when buying a cleaner. Cleaners with high conductance values are generally not very efficient economically because they consume significantly more water and energy and tire more quickly.

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