Thorough, fast and protective paint stripping

We offer the complete process from one manufacturer

Professional paint stripping can generally be divided into chemical and mechanical processes.

Above all, mechanical paint stripping using blasting processes, thermal-oxidative dipping processes / fluidised bed processes, purely thermal processes or manual removal of paint layers is usually time-consuming and labour-intensive. Other (complex) physical processes are cryogenic paint stripping (e.g. for very heat-sensitive workpieces) or paint stripping with laser light.

The chemical processes are traditionally carried out with generally water-based alkaline paint strippers with very high pH values and high temperatures (up to 150 °C). Classic solvents are hardly ever used. Due to their high health hazard caused by the chlorinated hydrocarbons they contain, they may only be used in industrial plants under strict conditions according to the REACH regulation.

This means that traditional chemical paint stripping is generally harmful to people and the environment and also usually requires long process times. In addition, the use of high temperatures with increasing energy costs reduces the economic efficiency.

Innovative processes of paint stripping

kolb offers in the field of chemical and mechanical-chemical paint stripping innovative complete applications and processes from one source, which are economically and environmentally future-proof.

With the right combination of technical equipment and chemistry paint stripping becomes an independent process, almost without personnel efforts.

And this is achieved by using a pH-neutral chemistry that is classified as non-hazardous and works thoroughly and quickly at comparably low temperatures.

Two economical alternatives to manual paint stripping


In the electronics industry today, coating carriers or conformal coating system components are usually still cleaned manually - laborious, time-consuming and costly and usually with gradual mechanical damage to the product to be cleaned.

Here kolb offers two machine-based processes which, depending on the requirements, offer an optimal economical solution for manufacturing companies working with coating systems. In general, coating residues must be permanently removed from the product carriers used and/or in the equipment itself to ensure a qualified coating process.

Both processes remove parylene coatings, epoxy resins, acrylic paints, synthetic resin paints, nitro paints, two-component paints, UV paints, powder coatings and polyurethanes.

Application 1: Chemical paint stripping with a pH-neutral, homogeneous special machinery paint stripper.

Application 2: Sealing of the cleaning material and cleaning of the paint residues adhering to the sealant.

Chemical paint stripping with kolb RemoCoat

Special chemistry with high efficiency at low temperatures

kolb RemoCoat® is a pH-neutral, homogeneous ready mix, especially developed for paint stripping tasks in the electronic industry. The cleaning spectrum covers almost all common types of paint and carrier materials. Its process window allows best results at low temperatures of less than 60 °C which have never been reached in paint stripping before. RemoCoat® attacks the binder layer of the paint, which then disintegrates. The cleaned paint residues can then be easily filtered out of the homogeneous (no phase separation) paint stripper.

Depending on the product properties of the varnish and the age of the varnish residues as well as the material properties of the carrier, the process can be designed with a kolb AirFlow® immersion type and / or PowerSray® pressure spray system. Also the use of ultrasonic equipment is possible for all mentioned materials (except aluminium).

For extremely stubborn and / or old contaminations (longer effective times) the use of an AirFlow® system is usually recommended. For the fast paint stripping of product carriers out of a continuous manifacturig process all normal kolb PowerSpray® maintenance and stencil cleaning systems, specially equipped with a simple insert filter for coating residues, are excellent "process participants". Here the mechanical spray pressure ensures an even better result.

The stripping of both machine technologies works in a simple, software controlled 3Step process (cleaning, rinsing with tap water).

In any case, before buying a cleaning system, a precise process analysis is advisable in order to find the best possible constellation of machine, detergent, varnish and cleaning goods.

Please find further information about kolb RemoCoat® here.


AF30 AirFlow® immersion system for maintenance cleaning with ultrasonic opion
PSE300 HD economy stencil ceaning system
PSE MH5 economy PowerSpray® maintenance cleaning system
AQUBE® MH5 high-end PowerSpray® maintenance cleaning system

Mechanical-chemical paint stripping through pre-sealing

For coating carriers / product carriers or for chamber parts of coating systems

kolb CarrierSeal® is a liquid sealant for painting carriers / product carriers or for the chamber parts of conformal coating systems. Varnish / coating residues, which normally stubbornly adhere directly to the tools or in the chamber, can be removed by simple manual peeling and/or machine cleaning of the sealing film applied before the coating process.

If sealed coating carriers or chamber parts are so heavily contaminated with coating residues that optimal function is no longer guaranteed, these residues can be quickly removed by simply peeling off the CarrierSeal® sealant. This manual removal is particularly advantageous for previously sealed parts of a coating system.

The CarrierSeal® sealant can also be cleaned even more easily by machine in a suitable electronic cleaning system. The carrier contaminated with paint residues is fixed in a washing frame for machine cleaning. This is very efficient and even more time-saving, especially for coating carriers with lots of superstructures.

For machine cleaning it is recommended to use a pressure spray system with vertically working rotors, in which normally stencils or PCBAs are cleaned. It is advantageous if the system has a warm or hot air drying function. However, it is also possible to use systems with horizontally arranged rotors and/or systems with compressor drying.

An optimal suitable system is e.g. the kolb PSE 300 HD single tank economy system for stencil cleaning. Further suitable systems are available on request or result from corresponding analyses of your specific paint stripping requirements.
The cleaning time e.g. in a PSE300 HD system with kolb MultiEx® N7 neutral cleaner as cleaning and rinsing medium is approx. 30 minutes. With a higher equipped system this time can be shortened even more.

CarrierSeal® is ESD-safe (on ESD-safe surfaces), biodegradable and does not contain microplastics.

Please find further information about kolb CarrierSeal® here.


Sealing of the coating substrate with CarrierSeal®
Sealing of machine parts before the coating process
Removal of the sealant if varnish residues destabilize the process.
Machine cleaning of the carrier sealing in a washing frame

It's all about the process

Which technology is the fastest and most cost-effective for you depends on a number of factors that need to be considered carefully before implementing a process chain. The first step is to define the product parameters (paint properties, material properties, degree of contamination, etc.) in order to then optimally design and set up the machinery process comprising machine, chemistry, temperature, time and software.

The aim is to remove coating residues from tools and machine parts as quickly as possible with a minimum of personnel and manual work and to have them ready for use again.

Our qualified and well-equipped technical centre and analytical laboratory will help you to achieve this. Make an appointment with us at any time at or by phone: +49 2154 9479-65.

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