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Quick systems overview

In our permanently updated "Cleaning Systems" product catalog you will find a brief overview about our current machinery portfolio.

Quick detergents overview

In our permanently updated chemistry products catalog you will find a brief overview about our most successful detergents.

If you like to have more detailed information please refer to the single product pages on this website where you can view and download more specific product information.

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Event picture for Evertiq Expo in Berlin

Evertiq Expo | Berlin, Germany

See you in Berlin!

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Veranstaltungsbild der green electronics 2024

Green Electronics 2025 | Duesseldorf, Germany

Our technology forum on sustainability in electronics production

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Top News

New Online Detergent Selector

Looking for the perfect detergent for your cleaning task? Find out how our new tool can help you.

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Top News
Composing mit grauen, recyclebaren Kanistern

Sustainability at kolb - now also for our containers

Learn more on how we improved our detergent containers.

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