Advanced technologies for advanced requirements

kolb utilizes advanced technologies concerning engineering as well as chemistry - in many cases exclusively patented. Superior effectiveness, process intelligence, energy efficiency, all around safety, ease of use and environmental compliance are the main characteristics of those developments.

kolb PowerSpray®

Superior spray-in-air cleaning technology with unique features and performance characteristics.

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kolb AirFlow®

Very efficient and environmentally sound air-in-immersion cleaning technology for maintenance and parts cleaning.

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System-integrated technology for multiple use of operating fluids.

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Process technology for reprocessing and reusing of the rinse water up to 200 times before disposal.

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kolb PolyPower®

Pump / nozzles technology for additional high pressure tuning of PowerSpray® systems.

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kolb patented, venturi principle based hot air power drying technology which is extremely effective and distinctively economic.

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kolb patented highly efficient drying technology combining compressed and warm air.

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Triple stage detergent technology developed by kolb which allows detergents to regenerate entirely with very simple filtration.

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kolb participates in IPC’s first-ever major virtual event, IPC APEX EXPO 2021.

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Quiptech has been appoin­ted as the distri­butor for kolb Cleaning Tech­no­lo­gy GmbH in Mexico.

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We are well set up for you in this prevailing situation. Doing ˈBusi­ness as corosualˈ as we say.

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Read about our new special cleaner for wave soldering systems and reflow ovens in our November newsletter.

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