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The current market requirements regarding residual ion contamination levels for a cleaned assembly are typically <1 to 0.6 μg NaCl eq / cm2. Even smaller values can be achieved.

Find out which are the best options to reach these values in the best quality and most economically rinsing process and why an electrical zero conductivity of the rinse water is not necessarily the optimal solution!

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An optimal cleaning result in the electronics cleaning depends to a large extent also on the optimal working ability of the used detergent.

Find out here why a cyclic examination of the cleaning mixture is necessary to measure the current concentration and (if necessary) by post-dosing / adjusting the cleaner to ensure its effectiveness.

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A standard kolb system is designed for temperatures up to 55 °C because modern detergents have a efficiency window at a much lower temperature level. Nonetheless all systems are also available for high temperature cleaning up to 80 °C. Find out here why it is more efficcient, more process safe and more economic to use modern high performance low temperature cleaners.

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According to experts, between 60 and 70 percent of all defects and failures during or after the soldering process are attributable to defects in the printing process - caused in in general by faulty solder joints, which in turn have their causes in solder paste printing mistakes. Find out here how stencil underside cleaning with the right cleaning medium avoids production losses and additional costs.

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When it comes to cleaning of large volumes of PCBs, the question arises as to whether compact batch systems can handle similar capacities in similar times to large inline systems.

Learn here why the question should actually be the other way around.


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Why a cheap detergent

isn't necessarily a favourably priced detergent

you can find out here.

Technical Articles

Whether through government regulations or taxes, or whether through privatization and thereby commercialization it is expected that 98.5 percent of the (dwindling) global freshwater resources will become an asset like oil. Means Water shortage will change the economic conditions of industrial production. Find out here how aqueous electronics cleaning can be managed with minimum water consumption.

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The cleanliness especially of complex high grade components in the electronics production is a decisive factor for a high quality end result with minimal failure rates. Thus, the cleaning is increasingly becoming a necessary and thus a fully valid production step. Siemens company in Amberg, Germany, shows that cleaning technology is a key success factor.


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Due to the current pandemic situation, all of our own events and visits by our employees to outside events are suspended until further notice.

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kolb would like to say thank you to all the people that these days care for a functioning society, care everybody who needs help and with their…

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From 20th to 23rd January kolb headquarters employees together with the sales partner for Thailand SiP held an intensive course for production…

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kolb researches with Hochschule Niederrhein (University of Applied Sciences), Krefeld (Germany)

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