Washing frames

Tailored frames and carriers for PCB, misprint and stencil cleaning

Carrier for frameless stencils
Universal washing frame 23" x 23"

Standard frame size: 565 x 565 x ca. 37 mm. For stencils 535 to 565 mm. Special sizes available upon request.

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Carrier for VectorGuard stencils
Washing frame 23" x 23"

Washing frame especially for the thorough cleaning of VectorGuard stencils. Extendable for the holding / cleaning of misprints, PCBs and squeegees.

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kolb is an official partner of the first Technical Cleanliness Conference organized by the ZVEI Academy.

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Great interest of the 130 participants in the topics cleaning and cleanliness analysis

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kolb keeps on strengthening its presence in Asia.

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The new AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN and PSE 300 2VL were the attractions of the very well-attended fair booth.

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