Up to what temperature can be cleaned in kolb systems?

kolb systems can operate with temperatures up to 80° Celsius.

For customers who use more "historical" cleaners, which reach their real efficiency window is only about 70 ° C, we have systems on offer, which are displayed with the abbreviation HT (High Temperature) (e.g. PSB500 H70 HT).

A standard kolb system is designed for temperatures up to 55° Celsius. For a good reason: Modern state of the art detergents have a comparable degree of efficiency at a much lower temperature level. Research has developed those high performance / low temperature detergents very successfully over the last decade. These modern non foaming cleaners for example reach their necessary viscosity to clean 4 mil and even lower standoffs already at 40 - 45° Celsius, saving large amounts of energy and protecting material and men.

This development is known from the private sector sufficiently. Thanks to modern detergents up to date clothes washers these days sometimes even do not have a 90° hot wash program at all but work as efficient mainly with temperatures of 30° to 40° Celsius.

Washing with 60° instead of 90° Celsius saves energy, between 47 and 61 percent, depending on the test-institute. The step from 60 to 40 degrees is even up to 80 percent (!) and from 40 to 30 degrees still up to 65 percent energy savings!

Low temperature detergents also perform a more stable process due to zero evaporation, as the evaporation of high temperature detergents reduces their water content and thus the process stability. No evaporation also leads to less harassment of workers with detergent fumes as well as to the preservation of material and products to be cleaned due to less heat stress.

kolb offers only state of the art chemistry, operating very efficient with best material protection at lower temperatures. We are always willing to run benchmark tests with all high temperature cleaners, which are still on the market, to prove the capability of our products.


From November 14 - 17 we will exhibit on the international Productronica fair. More information will follow.

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