Service products

kolb service products are designed to ensure and / or control the condition and / or purity of detergents, tools or cleaned products and to clean and to maintain cleaning systems to extend their operative life.


All kolb cleaning detergents, additives and chemical accessories are of course REACH and TSCA compliant, AOX free and non flammable with proper application.

Products for analyzing, testing and machine maintenance

For easy cleaning of stubborn coating residues

Coating carrier and coating system chamber sealing against tenaciously adhesive coating / varnishing residues.

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Concentrate for the elimination of limescale, fungi and bacteria

Special agent to remove limescale, fungi and bacteria residues caused by electronics production and cleaning processes.

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pHSticks allow a quick, proximate (tolerance: +- 0,5 - 1) control of the pH-value of the rinse water or a cleaning detergent.

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ServiceCase SC300

Testkit for the quick determination of the actual process state of the cleaning bath for alkaline and neutral kolb detergents.

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ServiceCase SC400

Helps with the determination, rapid analysis, process of all kolb MultiEx ultrafine and fine cleaning detergents.

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ServiceCase SC600
ServiceCase SC600

Analysis kit for quick and easy verification of PCBs respectively solder joints on critical flux residues.

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