Cleaning of stencil undersides / flipsides

Stencil underside cleaning

kolb offers as a manufacturer and specialist for cleaning in the electronics producing industry aqueous, ph-neutral special detergents for the thorough cleaning of stencils undersides inside a screen printer.

In addition to the machinery cleaning of the entire stencil, the stencil underside or flipside cleaning directly in the printer is an important factor for a reproducible error-free printing result.

The printer-internal stencil cleaning removes paste or glue residues by wiping, using wet or dry cleaning tissues. The application of cleaning detergent operating the wet cleaning takes place either by using a porous stone or a movable nozzle.

To achieve the best result only special detergents, preferably aqueous, should be used, which do not affect the viscosity of the solder paste. The viscosity of the detergent should ensure an efficient tissue wetting and (in contrast to e.g. volatile, alcohol-based detergents) ensure ecological and economical advantages.

To assure high reliability it is nonetheless required that the stencils are removed on a steady frequency and then washed preferably in an automatic stencil cleaning system to thoroughly clean the apertures, as manual wiping of the stencils will only squeeze the paste into the apertures - similar to the action of a squeegee.

Suitable detergents

MultiEx® N7-TS

MultiEx® N7-TS is an aqueous neutral cleaning detergent for use in kolb systems with PowerSpray® technology and common spray-in-air cleaning systems as well as for use in screen printers for internal stencil underside cleaning. Also most suitable as rinsing detergent.

Most suitable for stencils, stencil flipside / underside cleaning, misprints

more about MultiEx® N7-TS

WipeEx® SA120

WipeEx® SA120 is a special cleaner for the underside / flipside cleaning process within screen / stencil printers to remove SMD adhesive and SMD paste.

more about WipeEx® SA120

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