Manual cleaning of SMD tools

Manual cleaning of SMD tools

kolb offers as manufacturer and specialist for cleaning in the electronics producing industry detergent soaked tissues e.g. for the thorough manual cleaning of squeegees and spatulas as well as manual oven, flux and rosin cleaners.

Even if it is more appropriate to use fully automatic cleaning systems for these tasks, there is sometimes the necessity ro manually clean SMD tools such as squeegees and spatulas stained with residue from solder paste and adhesive right after use in order to avoid hardening and to ensure trouble-free use again.

Sometimes other manufacturing tools also have to be cleaned manually e.g. of burned-in fluxes or rosin-free-free, no-clean flux residues, while e.g. process areas of wave solder systems or reflow ovens can only be cleaned manually.

Suitable detergents


CF1® is an highly effective detergent for SMD reflow ovens, wave solder equipment, carriers and machine parts.

more about CF1®


G50® is an aqueous intensive cleaner for particularly consistent contamination of SMD reflow ovens, wave solder equipment, carriers and machine parts.

more about G50®

Foaming oven cleaning gel for all kinds of soldering equipment

OF1® is an highly effective foaming oven gel for the manual cleaning of all types of soldering systems such as SMD ovens (process chamber), wave soldering systems etc. and other soldering tools.

more about OF1®

WetWipes SA120

WetWipes are ready to use, pre-saturated tissues, soaked with WipeEx SA 120 detergent, for the manual cleaning of SMD-tools such as scrapers, squeegees, etc.

more about WetWipes SA120

WipeEx® SA120

WipeEx® SA120 is a special cleaner for the underside / flipside cleaning process within screen / stencil printers to remove SMD adhesive and SMD paste.

more about WipeEx® SA120

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