kolb AF30P全自动致密型独立舱卷筐或滚动舱系统,专用于零部件清洗/-去油污应用AirFlow®湍急气流浸透式与超声波技术兼闭式水循环再处理。本系统占用空间小,低购置价与运行成本,例如水资源的高效利用,AF30P的活性化学配兑能够清除所有工业制程中普遍存在的附着在生产零件上的残留物质。本系统清洗大面积污染,机床与轧机零件,过滤器与较大/复杂元件上的油脂,油渍,蜡或芯片上的油脂,油渍,蜡,尘屑,焊膏或助焊剂残留成分。

在AF30P的全自动清洁系统中,清洗,冲漂洗与风干运行于一个独立处理舱/滚动/旋转筐单元中,载入期间置空(无清洁液体)。产品清洗之后进入到压力溢动的经精微过滤后的清洁液体中,是通过槽(槽A)穿过PLC-控制过程而被分离出来的, 随后的产品清洗冲漂洗同样地被过滤后形成新介质e.g水,再从第二个槽抽到处理舱中,冲漂洗之后的冲洗介质再被抽出,然后,开始三重CTS HotSpeed热气流单元.


  • Fully automatic one chamber system
  • Plug & Work system (connect, fill, start)
  • PLC controlled
  • High resolution 7" display with capacitative multi-touch
  • Rotation unit for up to five cleaning baskets
  • Available with washing drum for bulk good
  • Available with ultrasonic unit
  • Loading and unloading in an empty process chamber
  • Fully automatic 3step process: cleaning, rinsing (tap water), drying with threefold CTS HotSpeed warm air
  • Cleaning temperature up to 65° Celsius
  • Automatic re-dosage and concentrate mix-unit
  • Automatic water change for the rinsing tank
  • PLC control and monitoring of cleaning process and maintenance intervals
  • Filter pressure controlled by PLC and pressure differential display
  • Simple and quick maintenance
  • All safety relevant devices are standard features in the basic system configuration
  • Comfortably compact system dimensions (height only 1.430 mm)

Technical Data

Technology basekolb AirFlow® & Ultrasonic
Usable process chamber dimensionsW 1.300 ▪ D 450 ▪ H 600 mm
Usable basket dimensionsW 340 ▪ D 190 ▪ H 185 mm per basket
Usable drum dimensionsW 1.190 ▪ Ø 300 mm
Volume tank A500 l
Volume tank B500 l
Power supply400 V AC 32 A CEE / 3Ph / 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption13 - 16 kW
Ultrasonic unit(2000 watts, 25 - 40 kHz)
Control systemPLC (EATON)
Temperature loadup to 65° C
FiltrationUp to threefold - 1. Full flow coarse filter < 2 mm, 2. Skimmer fine filtration for cleaning and rinsing circuit, 3. Oil skimmer for the cleaning circuit
Supply connection 1 (tap water)3/8", hose connection 14 mm
Supply connection 2 (compressed air)6 - 10 bar (110 l / min.)
Connection rinse water drain3/4", hose connection 25 mm
Exhaust connection160 mm Ø > 200 - 300 m³ / h
Footprint1.540 x 2.330 mm
Operating noise59 dB (A)
Empty weight750 kg








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