AQUBE® HY series

Full hybrid systems for PCB, screen and tools cleaning

The new kolb AQUBE® systems are next-generation cleaning systems - even more efficient, even more compact, easy to handle and maintain, pre-equipped for extended water management and ready for the smart factory (SF ready).

kolbAQUBE® HY series offers sophisticated hybrid systems for a variety of cleaning requirements. Due to a three-tank configuration with three separate circuits the systems are able to operate with two different detergents being capable to deliver as well reliable, process safe cleaning of PCBs and hybrids, cleaning of stencils, screens and misprints and also cleaning of solder frames, carriers, magazines etc. in one single system.

These globally unique systems operate a fully automatic 4 or 5step process (1. Cleaning,  2. MediumWipe®, 3. Rinsing (tap water), 4. Rinsing (DI water), 5. Drying) and ClosedLoop water processing are extremely compact delivering best cost of ownership value.

Fully automatic XL hybrid cleaning system

Capacity: 540 eurocards or 2 stencils 520 x 520 mm (20,5“ x 20,5“) or 7-10 solder carriers
Vertical and horizontal fourfold surround spray rotors system, VMH® TurboDigital evaporative drying
Process chamber dimensions: W 700 • D 720 • H 710 mm

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Fully automatic, full hybrid cleaning system with super large process chamber

Capacity: 830 eurocards (19,6 m²) or 4 screens / stencils 736 x 736 mm (29“ x 29“) or 28 solder carriers
Vertical and horizontal surround spray rotors system, VMH® TurboDigital evaporative drying
Process chamber dimensions: W 970 • D 955 • H 900 mm

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