P-systems for industrial parts
Safe, fast and profitable

kolb P-systems are state of the art cleaning systems especially for industrial parts cleaning - even more efficient, even more compact, easy to handle and maintain, pre-equipped for extended water management and cyber-physically ready for the smart factory (SF ready).

kolb P-systems are highly efficient single-chamber parts cleaning systems with PowerSpray® spray-in-air and / or AirFlow® air-in-immersion and / or ultrasonic technology for the thourough cleaning of bulk, turning and milling parts or larger / complex parts of fats, oils, waxes, chips, pastes or flux.

All systems are fully automated, e.g. equipped as standard with integrated ClosedLoop detergent and rinse-processing technology, automatic water change for the rinsing circuit, hot air drying, PLC controlled process and maintenance intervals as well as the event output and software control via touch screen.

The systems can be equipped with rotary units for cleaning baskets as well as with bulk drums or in case of AQUBE® PH7 with three drawer baskets.

kolb industrial parts cleaning systems provide low operating costs, high efficieny, quick and thorough cleaning of all common processing residues, tailored to the component material and geometry.

Compact air in immersion and ultrasonic system

Cleaning in the entire chamber or in an up to 5 baskets rotating unit
Cleans: Cleans bulk, turning and milling parts, filters and other larger / complex parts
Usable process chamber dimensions: W 1.300 ▪ D 450 ▪ H 600 mm

more about AF30P

Fully automatic one chamber spray in air and air immersion compact system

Capacity (usable size): Two rotary baskets (W 185 • D 340 • H 190 mm), washing drum (Ø 300 • W 460 mm) or up to three drawer baskets
Cleans / degreases: Bulk, turning and milling parts, larger / complex parts from fats, oils, waxes, chippings, pastes or flux residues
Process chamber dimensions: W 700 • D 720 • H 710 mm

more about AQUBE® PH7


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As of September 1, Dr. Konstantinos Savvas takes over as head of the kolb Marketing & Sales department.

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