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Intelligent expanding assemblies for kolb standard systems

Automatic rinsewater outlet separator

AOSelection is a combined hard- and software solution to pump out used rinse water automatically selected between dischargeable and mandatory disposable from tank B and tank C or from combined tank B / C.

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Automatic additive dosage
Replenishment unit for detergent additives

Automatic unit for adding an detergent additive to make the permanent mixing ratio in the cleaning tank more process-reliable and to shorten maintenance times.

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Automatic detergent re-dosage unit
Top-up unit for cleaning detergents

Automatic unit for adding detergent to make the permanent mixing ratio in the cleaning tank more process-reliable and to shorten maintenance times.

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Automatic water exchange
Exchange unit for the rinsing tank

Unit for the regular and / or condition-controlled automatic water change of the rinsing tank to optimize the process reliability and minimize downtime due to maintenance of the cleaning system.

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Chimney exhaust unit
Chimney stack for large-scale extraction of exhaust air

The exhaust system extracts exit air and vapor over a large area above the system's exhaust pipe.

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Detergent tank heater
Unit for precise detergent heating up to max. 80 °C

For cleaning with detergents which develop their optimal cleaning effect only at higher temperatures.

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DI-water system
DI- / DM-water supply for the rinsing tank

For the production and quality control of deionized (DI) and demineralized (DM) purified rinse water in the cleaning system.

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Fine filter system
Filter system for service life extension of the detergent.

Exchangeable filter cartridges with different degrees of fineness, filter out loads of the cleaning medium such as e.g. heavy metals that were washed off during the cleaning process.

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Liquid blow off and recirculation technolology

Designed to reduce carrying-over / consumption of detergent and service life / consumption of clear-rinse water.

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XL-Power unit
Ultra-power pump unit for increased liquid volume and spray pressure

To shorten the cleaning time and increase cleaning efficiency of complicated built, fragmented products

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With the opening of the new technical centre and the first time operation of the enlarged production area, kolb organizes its Technology Days 2019

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A highly frequented exhibition of kolb USA counts numerous visits from customers and soon-to-be-customers.

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Already for the third time the working group met at kolb

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Great interest of the 130 participants in the topics cleaning and cleanliness analysis

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