CWA®Drying // Patented drying technology developed by kolb

The patented CWA® (Compressed Warm Air) drying technology is an exclusive development of kolb. A built-in special compressor compresses the ambient air. At the same time it collects the kinetic energy (frictional heat) of the paddle wheel in the unit, then presses the heated and compressed air into the rotor nozzles which were already used for cleaning and rinsing. There it blows off (pressure) and evaporates (heat) the residual moisture.

This method is energetically and constructively highly efficient, as it uses the "waste heat" of the compressor rotation and the compressed air as driving power for the rotors. In addition, a system equipped with CWA® technology requires no additional hardware and no external compressed air connection for the MediumWipe® process.


Meet our kolb USA Team in San Diego.

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The meeting was traditionally opened the night before with a bowling tournament.

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As of 01.09.2019 Christin Lökes is the new Head of Finance of kolb CLEANING Technology GmbH taking over this duty from CEO Christian Ortmann.

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Construction of the headquarters expansion completed.

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