With its comprehensive know-how of electronics cleaning, why does kolb not offer inline systems?

A look at the total cost of ownership gives an explicit answer.

We have intensively researched the inline technology in 2007 and came to the clear conclusion that the classic inline cleaning system hardly has a future, at least in the electronics industry. That is why we decided 2008 to invest heavily in developing compact and economical batch systems with power technology and chamber sizes which can easily match the capacity of an average inline system. The result today are the kolb AQUBE® LH9 and LH7 PowerSpray® systems with process chamber sizes and accordingly capacity options, no other batch system manufacturer globally is capable of providing.

In a direct comparison of data regarding manual effort, capacity, investment cost (capex) and operational expenses (opex - water, detergent and energy) as well as floor space needed it becomes obvious that in the field of electronics cleaning inline technology is hardly a contemporary alternative.

A detailed comparison of performance data between common inline technology and the correspondent kolb batch systems you can read and download here: Batch or inline?


From June 5 to 7 we will exhibit on the SMT show, Nuremberg, Germany and show amongst others two brand new stencil cleaning systems.

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