Extra strong aqueous detergent concentrate

StoveEx® is an extra strong alkaline cleaning concentrate

StoveEx® was especially developed for the removal of stubborn and burnt-on dirt and epoxy resins..

StoveEx® cleans condensate traps, filter plates, coolers and cyclone thoroughly.

StoveEx® has a recommended application ratio of 1:2 with tap water.

StoveEx® is suitable vor AirFlow® (air- / spray-in immersion) and ultrasonic systems.

StoveEx® is not suitable for the cleaning of galvanized surfaces, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

StoveEx® is available exclusively for PP systems.

AirFlow<sup>®</sup> Technology
UltraSonic Technology
Manual Application
Salt free Product
REACH Conformity
TSCA Conformity


Product Information
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Safety Datasheet


Application overview

PCBs,Hybrids, Misprints
Hybrids, Misprints
not suitable
Stencils, ScreensPumpPrints, Misprints
Stencils, Screens
PumpPrints, Misprints
not suitable
Solder Frames,Carriers & Palettes
Solder Frames,
Carriers & Palettes
optional suitable
ESD-boxes, ContainersPCB Magazines
ESD-boxes, Containers
PCB Magazines
most suitable
Condensation Traps,Filters, Steel Sheets
Condensation Traps,
Filters, Steel Sheets
most suitable

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