External treatment unit for the reuse of used up rinse water

Systems for the cleaning of tools (screens, stencils, solder frames, carriers, etc.) either have to change the rinsing water after each individual rinsing process or are equipped with an integrated rinsing water filter cycle (Closed Loop), which already enables multiple use of the rinsing water. In kolb's water-saving cleaning systems, such ClosedLoop recycling technology for the multiple treatment of rinse water is already integrated as standard. The CrossLoop technology of the WPCL EU module increases the saving of water resources another many times over.

The kolb CrossLoop WPCL EU module works in a circuit process with ZeroDischarge quadruple filtration to recover and recycle rinse water. It thus reduces the need for fresh water to practically zero during the entire cleaner service life. It minimizes not only fresh water costs but also, in particular, the cost for the disposal of contaminated waste water.

The fully encased compact module is connected to the respective cleaning system with flexible hoses and a communication line in spatial proximity (distance 1 m max.).


  • ZeroDischarge rinse water treatment for kolb AQUBE® and PSE MH / MV and PSE 300 two-tank systems
  • CrossLoop technology with 4 filter stages
  • Treatment and multiple use of rinse water - usually until the end of the detergent's service life
  • Elimination of the usual inlets and outlets for rinse water connections to the cleaning system
  • Fully automatic - process and service intervals are monitored and displayed by the PLC of the cleaning system
  • Plug & Run: Easy set-up even for existing systems

CrossLoop Technology



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