Booster 112S
Cleaning detergent for heavy oil and grease residues

Cleaner for removing heavy oil and grease residues with additional corrosion protection against rust formation on bare parts. Suitable for steel, cast iron, bare iron, cast steel and many more. Especially suitable for use in PowerSpray® industrial parts cleaning systems and for manual cleaning.

Optimal cleaning of industrial parts is ensured by the Booster detergents of the Linker Chemie GmbH, Wuppertal, our standing partner in chemical development and production. The whole industrial program with over 300 specialty cleaners such as aircraft, boards, trucks, cars, metal, machinery, plant, membrane cleaners and technical lubricants offers the right chemistry for any cleaning requirement.




kolb is again co-organizer of the conference, titled this year: Cool, smart, easy - attributes for the production of the future

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On the occasion of the Technology Days 2019, kolb opened its new knowledge center.

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A highly frequented exhibition of kolb USA counts numerous visits from customers and soon-to-be-customers.

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Already for the third time the working group met at kolb

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