Fully automatic parts cleaning XXL compact system

The new kolb AQUBE® series offer next-generation cleaning systems - even more efficient, even more compact, easy to handle and maintain, pre-equipped for extended water management and cyber-physically ready for the smart factory (SF ready).

AQUBE® PH9 is a fully automatic XXL one-chamber spray/immersion compact system for industrial parts cleaning / degreasing with PowerSpray® (spray-in-air) and AirFlow® (compressed air-in-immersion) technology.

The system with its extra large process chamber cleans bulk, turning and milling parts, larger / complex parts from fats, oils, waxes, chippings, pastes or flux residues.

Steadily increasing quality requirements in industrial manufacturing demand today almost in general, parts which are completely free from any contamination of auxiliaries. Only in this way is a quality safe further processing such as coating, gluing, welding or assembling can be ensured.

Based on decades of experience from the highly sophisticated electronics products cleaning kolb cleaning systems perform at low operating costs an extremely efficient, fast and thorough cleaning of all common processing residues, perfectly matched to the component material and geometry.


  • Two tank system with up to triple circuit function
  • Digital Factory ready: DNAccess, remote control, traceability (PLC data scanning and memorizing)
  • Fully automatic 3step process: cleaning, rinsing (tap water), VMH®-TurboDigital evaporative drying
  • Horizontal up to eightfold rotor system asynchronous spray rotors for thorough wetting (no blind spots)
  • With Power Spray® and AirFlow® technology
  • PolyPower® pump-nozzles configuration (three times more pressure power, 30% less cycle time)
  • Permanent up to five stage filtration
  • ClosedLoop reprocessing of cleaning and rinsing fluids as standard feature
  • Exchange for rinse water tank B / C and pump out unit as standard features
  • Process and service intervals PLC controlled, event issuing and software control via touch screen
  • EDGELESS Design and VARIccess® maintenance access: maximum capacity on a very small footprint

Technical Data

Technology basekolb PowerSpray® / kolb AirFlow®
Capacity (usable sizes)Six rotary baskets (W 185 • D 340 • H 190 mm), washing drum (Ø 630 • W 650 mm) or up to four drawer baskets
Available space using one drawer basket onlyW 880 • D 890 • H 760 mm
Available space using two drawer basketsW 880 • D 890 • H 355 mm (two times)
Available space using all drawer basketsW 880 • D 890 • H 150 mm (four times)
Process chamber dimensionsW 970 • D 955 • H 900 mm
Volume tank A100 - 125 l
Volume tank B / C100 - 125 l
Power supply400 V AC 32 A CEE / 3Ph / 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption9.5 kW
Control systemPLC (EATON)
Temperature loadup to 80 °C
Control range drying45 - 120 °C
Filtrationup to five stage - 1. Full flow coarse filter < 2mm, 2. Cascaded sediment filter inside the tank, 3. 20“ BB bag filter 100µm, 4. oil skimmer for cleaning tank, 5. HMA Filter
Supply connection 1 (tap water)3/4", hose connection 25 mm
Supply connection 2 (compressed air)6 - 8 bar (100 l / min.)
Connection rinse water drain3/4", hose connection 25 mm
Exhaust connection160 mm Ø -> 800 - 1.200 m³ / h
Footprint1.720 x 1.700 mm
Operating noise63 dB (A)
Empty weight920 kg





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