kolb Asia Pacific at the Nepcon China trade show

kolb Asia Pacific and SiP Technology presented the new generation AQUBE® cleaning systems to the Asian market.

kolb Asia Pacific and its Chinese distribution partner SiP Technology presented at the Nepcon China trade show in Shanghai from April 24 to April 26 in the German Pavilion the new AQUBE® cleaning systems to the Asian market. These systems can save 50 to 60% rinsing water, allowing them to rinse approximately 25,000 PCBs with only 200 liters of water (depending on PCB size and pre-tests). The new digital turbo-dryer compressor system reduces drying time by more than 1/3, the new in-line Brix meter makes cleaner monitoring easier than ever and new rotors with MediumWipe function and flow-back technology cut detergent consumption by half - just to name a few benefits of these new generation of systems.

In addition to the appropriate cleaning media and additives, kolb Asia Pacific presented on-site an AQUBE® XH7 three-tank PCB cleaning system with integrated WPCLIU-T3 water treatment SYMBIO-module and a PSE 300-2HY economy hybrid system for stencil and PCB cleaning.


kolb is an official partner of the first Technical Cleanliness Conference organized by the ZVEI Academy.

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Great interest of the 130 participants in the topics cleaning and cleanliness analysis

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kolb keeps on strengthening its presence in Asia.

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The new AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN and PSE 300 2VL were the attractions of the very well-attended fair booth.

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