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We clean your PCBAs, DCBs, power electronics at highest quality.


Today, the cleaning of PCB assemblies is an almost unavoidable production step, especially in the high-end sector. Assembled printed circuit boards, active and passive electronic components, BGAs, flip chips, relays, inductors etc. must be thoroughly cleaned of residues such as flux, rosin, resin, Cu oxide and soldering suppoert substances as well as possible environmental and handling dirt. This is the only way to ensure reliable further processing (e.g. bonding and / or lacquering) and accordingly a trouble-free final function.

You have to deal with production peaks, your own cleaning systems are not suitable for certain processes or you want to outsource your electronics cleaning completely?

Our all-in-order cleaning service offers you PCBA cleaning perfectly tailored to your specific needs - from process analysis, process design, process-safe cleaning to the disposal of used cleaning and rinsing liquids. Of course, you can also book only partial services of this process chain or we can take over your complete process including the detergents you use.

We offer you the complete execution from one source; with the experience of more than 30 years in the development of innovative machines, cleaners and countless process solutions with and for our customers.

In our cleaning center in Willich, Germany, the most modern electronic cleaning systems with all technologies used today (such as PowerSpray® pressure-spray, AirFlow® air-in-immersion, ultrasonic) are available for you, including an extensive range of cleaning agents and additives.

All cleaning agents and additives used by us are of course REACH and TSCA compliant as well as AOX free and comply with all other legally required standards.

The contract cleaning process runs as follows:

Data acquisition

We ask you (in writing, by tele­phone or web meeting) for the general product data (dimen­sions, quantities, decon­­tami­nation, cleanli­ness require­ments, etc.).

Cost estimate

We make an indi­ca­tive offer (free of charge) based on ac­quired data. If the esti­mate is accep­ted we request a samp­ling of the origi­nal pro­duct to clean.

Binding offer

After samp­ling by the cus­tomer, we pre­pare a fixed offer on the basis of a de­tailed docu­men­ted pro­cess ana­ly­sis (sub­ject to charge/off­setted when the or­der is placed).

Job execution

After pla­cing the or­der we exe­cute (un­der ESD pro­tec­tive mea­sures) clea­ning, packa­ging and ship­ping of the pro­ducts accor­ding to agreed ti­ming.

Please note: This service is only available out of our German factory

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