AssemRus Ltd.

Ul. Ugreshskaya 2, Building 82
115088 Moscow

Contact: Eugene Matov

Phone / Fax: +7 495 933-10-43


New Technologies

Masterskaya st. 5 B
190121 Saint-Petersburg

Contact: Ivan Rozhkov

Phone / Fax: +7 921 942 00 01

E-mail: rozhkov@tecnew.LÖ


Due to the prevai­ling pan­demic situ­ation, we are curren­tly not orga­ni­zing or parti­cipa­ting in any events.

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Read about our new special cleaner for wave soldering systems and reflow ovens in our November newsletter.

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The kolb October newsletter is out with interesting news.

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kolb would like to say thank you to all the people that these days care for a functioning society, care everybody who needs help and with their…

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