Application Overview

PCBs,<br />Hybrids, Misprints
Hybrids, Misprints
not suitable
Stencils, Screens<br />PumpPrints, Misprints
Stencils, Screens
PumpPrints, Misprints
not suitable
Solder Frames,<br />Carriers & Palettes
Solder Frames,
Carriers & Palettes
optional suitable
ESD-boxes, Containers<br />PCB Magazines
ESD-boxes, Containers
PCB Magazines
optional suitable
Condensation Traps,<br />Filters, Steel Sheets
Condensation Traps,
Filters, Steel Sheets
most suitable

ContraFlux® FM

ContraFlux® FM是一款水状碱性特殊清洗溶剂,专用于冷凝控制系统的维护保养清洁。

ContraFlux® FM专用于清除凝结物质和松香。

ContraFlux® FM是一款理想的防护性清洗溶剂,适用于快速且彻底地清洗冷凝网筛,滤芯,制冷器,旋风机。根据清洗任务的不同,也可适用于焊框,焊盘,ESD盒和PCB夹层箱的清洗。

ContraFlux® FM是一款可直接使用的已混合清洗溶剂,用于kolb AirFlow® 系统和所有标配的浸喷式清洗系统机型。在kolb系统 PulseFlow® 与PulseFlow®科技中,最适用于机器外部管道和旋风机的清洗。根据生产和清洗任务的不同,也同样适用于超声波清洗系统和手动清洗。




Meet our kolb USA Team in San Diego.

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The meeting was traditionally opened the night before with a bowling tournament.

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As of 01.09.2019 Christin Lökes is the new Head of Finance of kolb CLEANING Technology GmbH taking over this duty from CEO Christian Ortmann.

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Construction of the headquarters expansion completed.

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