Application Overview

PCBs,<br />Hybrids, Misprints
Hybrids, Misprints
most suitable
Stencils, Screens<br />PumpPrints, Misprints
Stencils, Screens
PumpPrints, Misprints
optional suitable
Solder Frames,<br />Carriers & Palettes
Solder Frames,
Carriers & Palettes
optional suitable
ESD-boxes, Containers<br />PCB Magazines
ESD-boxes, Containers
PCB Magazines
not suitable
Condensation Traps,<br />Filters, Steel Sheets
Condensation Traps,
Filters, Steel Sheets
not suitable

Optional suitable applications can also be optimally realized with the appropriate options.


新版 AQUBE® 系统将成为下一个新生清洗系统-甚至更高效,更精简,简易操控及保养,提前装配有延长水的管控时间,专为就绪的数字工厂(SFr)。

kolb AQUBE® XV9 是一款全自动XXL清洗系统,兼有目前为止世界上最大的批量生产处理舱与垂直轴控技术专用于要求最高的安全超精微清洗制程步骤。

AQUBE® XV9 由德国工程设计研究制造为其核心,针对附着于集成PCBS与混合(HDIS,SIPS)上的污染物质,比如:助焊剂,松香,松脂,铜渍,氧化物残留与抗活性焊锡助溶物质以及SMD黏合剂与SMD焊膏。



  • Three tank system with three separate circuits
  • Digital Factory ready: DNAccess, remote control, traceability (PLC data scanning and memorizing)
  • Fully automatic 5step process: cleaning, MediumWipe®, rinsing (tap water), DI-water rinsing (with parallel DI-water recycling), CWA® supercharger compression drying
  • Vertical eightfold rotor system with asynchronous spray rotors for thorough wetting (no blind spots)
  • Short cycle times due to placing the cleaning goods close to the spray rotors
  • Process and service intervals PLC controlled
  • Event issuing and software control via high resolution 10" display with capacitive multi-touch
  • Heater in tank A (cleaning), tank B and tank C (rinsing) as a standard feature
  • Automatic monitoring of ionic residues contamination and gauging of rinse water quality
  • Exchange for rinse water tanks (B and C) and pump out unit as standard features
  • EDGELESS design and VARIccess® maintenance access: maximum capacity on a very small footprint

Technical Data

Technology basekolb PowerSpray®
Cleaning capacity per process64 DCB panels (5“ x 7“) or 100 eurocards
Process chamber dimensionsW 970 • D 955 • H 900 mm
Usable space4 Slots: W 77 - 110 • D 900 • H 800 mm
Volume tank A100 l
Volume tank B100 l
Volume tank C125 - 175 l
Power supply400 V AC 32 A CEE / 3Ph / 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumptionapprox. 12.5 kW
Control systemPLC (EATON)
Filtrationup to four stage - 1. Full flow coarse filter < 2 mm, 2. Sediment filter inside the tank, 3. 20“ fine filter (1 - 100µm - process dependent), 4. HMA filter
Supply connection 1 (tap water)3/4", hose connection 25 mm
Supply connection 2 (DI water)3/4", hose connection 25 mm
Supply connection 3 (compressed air)6 - 8 bar (100 l / min) for DCB MediumWipe® process
Rinse water drain connection3/4", hose connection 25 mm
Exhaust connection160 mm Ø -> 800 - 1.200 m³ / h
Footprint1.700 x 1.720 mm
Operating noise73 dB (A), 70 dB (A) with option insulation
Empty weight960 kg





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