copper bonding
(DCB) substrates are often used due to their good thermal conductivity in high-performance modules. They consist of a ceramic substrate board, usually alumina or aluminum nitride and usually applied with a copper foil on one or both sides in a high temperature oxidation process. Precisely because of the high power requirements (DCB substrates carry currents up to several thousand volts at temperatures up to 200° C), these components must be absolutely free of production residues for further working processes such as wire bonding, coating or varnishing.

The thorough removal of flux residues, colophony, resin, oxides and soldering materials are the main tasks when DCBs cleaning, PCB assemblies and hybrids so that for any following production step process-safe products can be provided.

kolbprovides for the cleaning of DCB substrates the complete cleaning process as a manufacturer from a single source: including machinery, accessories, cleaners and specially applied electronic process control.



容量:可放置36块欧式板于两车清洁筐中或20块DCB面板(5“ x 7“)
垂直喷洒转头,压 缩式烘干
处理舱尺寸为:W 700 • D 710 • H 720 mm

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容量:可放置64张尺寸为5" x 7" 的DCB面板或100张欧式板
处理舱尺寸:: 77 - 110 (x4) • D 900 • H 800 mm

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MultiEx® 3D 系列

MultiEx® 3D系列清洗溶液为水状三重态清洗溶液(1,松香清除,2,除氧,3,不起反应)专用于 kolb 系统 PowerSpray® 技术及所有普通spray-in-air清洗系统.

最适用于:PCBs集成电子板,DCBs 电子板,陶瓷基质底板,印制钢网,印制网屏,塑料胶印网板,失败印制板

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As of 01.09.2019 Christin Lökes is the new Head of Finance of kolb CLEANING Technology GmbH taking over this duty from CEO Christian Ortmann.

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